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Our team takes every step in consideration when it comes to creating the best assortment; a range that fits our vision. We have a nose for selecting promising and high-quality dog and cat food. That's our passion! As an importer of premium pet food, we look for the best brands and the highest quality worldwide.

“Thorough research is very important when it comes to deciding whether or not we partner with a brand.”

Examine the quality

How do we guarantee this high quality? Before a brand is added to our assortment, we examine the composition of the product and the health effects for dogs and cats. Thorough research is very important when it comes deciding whether or not we partner with a brand. By doing so we make sure we have full control over a high-quality and reliable range.

Distribution network of pet food

If a brand originating from Canada, Australia or other far destinations would like to enter the European market, collaboration with an importer with an extensive distribution network in Europe is essential. From our own warehouse, we have capacity to distribute pet food to consumers throughout Europe. This makes us a strategic partner to collaborate with as an importer and distributor. 

“Many options are possible thanks to our flexibility!”

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Customized agreements

With our fine-meshed supply chain, we ensure that the pet food arrives at our customers exactly at the right time and in the right quantity. Naturally, the distribution requirements differ for every customer. That is why we construct tailor-made agreements about purchasing and delivery conditions. Many options are possible thanks to our flexibility!

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