The Philosophy of Buddy

To be fair... the stores are filled with pet food that is mass-produced and contains cheap preservatives and artificial additives. While we as humans find it so important to choose fresh, healthy meals, the pet food industry seems to be stuck in the past. "Time for a change!" thought the creators of Buddy.

"Honest pet food made with love."

Buddy Pet Foods Dog Food

Dry food and snacks from Buddy are made with 100% natural, fresh ingredients. With a high percentage of the finest meat or fish, vegetables, fruit, and superfoods, you can rely on a healthy and tasty recipe for every dog! Free from gluten and grains.

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Animals are not the only thing Buddy cares about! Buddy also actively works on reducing its paw print on the climate. Good for your friend and for the planet.

Buddy Food:

  • Is natural! At Buddy, it's all about natural, ethically sourced ingredients. No cheap fillers, by-products, or artificial additives. 
  • Is caring! Buddy is crazy into dogs and crazy into the planet. That's why Buddy does everything to reduce its paw print on the climate. 
  • Is honest! The pet food industry is not always transparent. Fortunately, Buddy has nothing to hide. In fact, this brand proudly showcases its ingredients.

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Dry Food and Snacks

Together with veterinarians and nutrition experts, Buddy develops healthy, natural pet food without unnecessary additives. The Swedish company is based in Stockholm and produces safely within the EU. The ingredients are proudly displayed on the front of the packaging. So honest!

Buddy has been awarded various Swedish quality certifications and meets the WWF's Gold Standard by offsetting all of their CO₂ emissions. A brand to be proud of!