Pawfect’s philosophy

Pawfect dog and cat petfood and snacks are aimed at the happiness and well-being of pets. This brand believes that we should reward the loyalty of our pets. Pawfect takes care of this with a wide range of carefully prepared products that offer the best for your pet.

"Reward your pet’s loyalty!"

Pawfect Nature's Munch

The Pawfect range consists of various, natural snacks to pamper pets. From freeze-dried fruit to chrunchy cheese treats and from a cheesy chew to freeze-dried meat: there is something delicious and nutritious for every dog ​​and cat.

  • Nature's Much freeze-dried fruits for Dogs
  • Finest Himalayan cheese bars for dogs
  • Cheesecuits cheese biscuits for dogs
  • Woofur air-dried pieces of meat for dogs
  • Pixie air-dried pieces of meat for cats
  • Nature's Feast freeze-dried meat for dogs and cats

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Pawfect scours the planet for the very best human-grade ingredients.

Himalyan Cheese Chews

Made to a traditional Himalayan recipe at an altitude of 15,000+ ft, Pawfect raises the bar for discerning dairy-themed dog treats crafted by seasoned churpi makers.

The cheese comes courtesy of the Yak and/or Himalayan Cows raised naturally in the panoramic vistas of the Himalayas. The bars and puffs can be found in our range. You will also find the luxury Cheesecuits in our range!

Do you want a unique product in your store? Take a look at the Peanut Butter toppers or Doggy's Cuppa: spicy tea for dogs!

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Nature's Kitchen

The commitment of Pawfect to wholesome food means they expertly prepare their nutritiously delicious batches from carefully sourced natural ingredients in authentic kitchens. The ingredients are delicately freeze-dried to ensure every meal is a Pawfect meal. Freeze-drying not only locks in all the fresh natural goodness and taste, it also highly concentrates. Simply adding a little water gives you 4x a box’s weight in meals. Whether your dog’s of cat's preference is for fresh chicken with a sprinkling of exotic fruits, vegetables &herbs/ a sublime fish, shrimp, seeds & fruit chowder/ or exotic goat & veg banquet; we have themall. 

We also have Freeze-Dried treats for dog and cats in our assortiment.

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