Pawfect’s philosophy

Pawfect dog and cat snacks are aimed at the happiness and well-being of pets. This brand believes that we should reward the loyalty of our pets. Pawfect takes care of this with a wide range of carefully prepared products that offer the best for your pet.

"Reward your pet’s loyalty!"

Pawfect dog and cat snacks

The Pawfect Natures Munch product line consists of freeze-dried fruit that you can give as a super healthy snack. These snacks are available in seven different fruits: Apple, Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Banana and Coconut. Each with its own unique components. Thanks to the beneficial dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, these super healthy snacks help with various ailments and problems. 

Pawfect Cheese Treats are delicious treats made from real cheese with yak milk from the Himalayas. These snacks have a long shelf life and are full of beneficial proteins. This makes them a calcium-rich, healthy reward that will keep your dog entertained for hours.

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Pawfect scours the planet for the very best human-grade ingredients.