Product launch of new Acana cat food

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In September, the first containers with the new Acana cat food arrived in our warehouse. Everyone should know that! That is why we created an introductory campaign to introduce these new products to cat lovers in an effortless way. 

New packaging and contents

Acana is a Canadian brand of dog and cat food made with honest, natural ingredients. Cat lovers have been fans of this reliable brand for years. With four new products and three enhanced products for cats, Acana offers consumers more choice. 

Two specific products caught our attention: a special formula for kittens and one for sterilized and neutered cats. Since the packaging is in English, we are thrilled about the new design which is more straight forward by using icons. We hope this will also help retailers to provide the right information to consumers. 

In-store promotion

If we know anything about cats, it is that they are picky eaters. That is why we chose to let consumers try the product for free. We started by creating all kinds of POS materials (Point of Sale) for pet specialty stores. We developed wobblers, posters, floor stickers and a beautiful display. 

These materials are used for a cashback promotion, only for selected retailers. That way, we create demand in the market for retailers, awareness among consumers and allowing them to try the product in an accessible way. A great collaboration that benefits all parties! View the promotion page here

Promotion: krab & win!

The coronavirus makes it less easy for us to go shopping. That is why we have also developed a large online campaign. With "Krab & Win", the consumer can participate in a giveaway on the Acana website. We are giving away 2,000 small packages for free. And the best: one year cat food for free! We draw attention to this promotion by advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google. 

Email marketing for loyal fans

Not only do we give away products, but through email marketing we ensure that consumers receive 7 tips to learn everything about the new Acana cat food. In addition to the above actions, we are also training retailers about this new cat food. For example, we provided online training via a special Facebook group for our Finest Partners and we sent various newsletters with detailed product information. 

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