Launch of Ziwi Peak in six countries

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Ziwi Peak, one of our Finest brands, is the best of the best when it comes to dog and cat food and snacks. We are very proud to be a distributor for this beautiful, high quality brand. Last summer, we started the brand launch and branding in six European countries in collaboration with the producer: the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Portugal and Spain. 

Market approach focused on target group and trends

The target audience for this product is quite specific, which is why we opted for a tailor-made market approach. Moreover, Ziwi Peak fits perfectly in the trend that more and more pet lovers are making a conscious choice when it comes to the quality of food and snacks for their pet(s).

''We wanted to seize this opportunity in the market together with our partners.'' 

Brand awareness and interaction via social media 

We started by setting up social media for the European market. The content we post is a mix of information about the products, the origin of ingredients, tips about care and attention to promotions. In order to grow in the number of followers on Instagram, we have set up a special campaign together with a webshop. With this we grew with +200 followers in one weekend! 

New website for European consumers

In September we launched a website for European consumers. Attractively designed in the Ziwi Peak look, with the right translation for fans of Ziwi Peak in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France. We use this website to create brand awareness and to provide information during promotions. 

Collaboration with retailers

We believe it is important to support retailers with selling Ziwi Peak. For example, we supported a retailer in Amsterdam with Facebook & Instagram advertisements near the store. In the coming months, we will have promotions in different countries, tailored to the consumers in that market. We work together with various retailers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. In this way, we ensure that pet lovers can choose the right food for their dog(s) and cat(s)! 

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