Farmina N&D's philosophy

Farmina's mission is to develop the best nutrition that both cats and dogs love. And that is exactly why they only use the best ingredients, following strict guidelines from nutritionists. 

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"Farmina dog and cat food is nature and science in perfect harmony."

N&D dog and cat food

Nature is the inspiration for Farmina's N&D range. All of their food is free of GMOs and only contains natural antioxidants. Their vision and knowledge has led to the Farmina Natural & Delicious food line: designed for the daily nutritional needs of carnivores.

The FarminaGenius app offers personalized nutrition plans based on your pet's health and life stage.

Farmina Pet Care Program 

What makes Farmina even more unique, is that their team of veterinarians and nutritionists developed the Farmina Pet Care Program. Through the FarminaGenius app, you receive tailor-made dynamic nutrition plans for your pet, fully adapted to his or her life stage!