ORIJEN’s philosophy

ORIJEN believes that dogs and cats have the same nutritional needs as their ancestors. The gray wolf, Canis Lupus, is the ancestor and close relative of all dogs with 97% matching DNA. The African wildcat, Felis Silvestris Lybia, is a close family of domestic cats. Despite centuries of breeding, the digestive system and anatomical build of dogs and cats is exactly the same as that of their wild predecessors. It will therefore not surprise anyone that this also applies to their nutritional needs.

“Dogs and cats have the same nutritional needs as their ancestors.”

ORIJEN dog and cat food

This means that dogs and cats need animal, nutritious proteins. That is why ORIJEN uses the best natural ingredients, without all kinds of additives. They also call food that fits the biology and anatomy of your dog or cat Biologically Appropriate™. To achieve this, Orijen mimics the amount, freshness and variety of the natural diet of dogs and cats.

Quality nutrition means using high-quality ingredients. The regional ingredients in ORIJEN pet food are unsurpassed and contain nutrients in the freshest, natural and nutritious form.

ORIJEN works together with local farmers who are responsible for breeding, ranching or capturing the animals in the wild. The fresh meat is processed in ORIJEN pet food within 2 days!

ORIJEN pet food:

  • Is prepared with (fresh or raw) muscle meat, organ meat and edible bone, in large quantities, wide diversity and in the right proportions;
  • Is supplemented with vegetables, fruits and herbs;
  • Free from ingredients such as grains, corn, rice and potato;
  • Free of artificial fragrances, colors and flavors, hormones, antibiotics and synthetic preservatives;
  • Limited in the number of synthetic additives.

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