Yora’s philosophy

Insects are packed with essential amino acids, fats and minerals that you need as a human being, So why not use this for your pet? After years of research, Yora brought this groundbreaking concept to the market. Why breakthrough? Well, to make 10 kg of protein from insects, it takes a lot less square meters of land and liters of water. Much less greenhouse gas is also emitted. Great for the planet! 

"Natural, sustainable and insect-based dog food."

Yora dog food and snacks

At the moment there is only food and snacks for dogs available, but cat food will follow soon! Every type of food has been developed with grubs. Yora uses whole grubs, so that your pet takes in all the good qualities. They do not use growth hormones or antibiotics when breeding the grubs. Nutritionally, these are at least as good as chicken, and actually easier to digest. This makes Yora pet food perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies.

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A 15 kg dog that switches to Yora causes 1200 kg less CO2 emissions every year!

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